German Drivers Licence - Do the Written Test in English - Online and Smartphone Learning System

german driving test in english onlinesystem

What you need - A fast internet access and a fairly modern computer or a smartphone.
- ( Slow internet access works as well but waiting for the questions is pretty tiresome ! ).

What you get - Access to the system for one year.
- All European Community drivers licence categories !
- You can switch between languages and drivers licence categories anytime.
- You will get exactly the same questions as in the official drivers licence written test.
- You can do either mock written tests, training questionnaires, or learn by different topics e.g. safety or right of way rules
- At the end of the mock test you will see the questions with the right answers.
- Doing the training questionnaires or the random question training you will be able to crib ( Spicken ).
- You can select different grops of questions, e.g. questions you haven't answered yet, answered wrong, or marked.
- You get your scores, e.g. if you passed the mock test or how many questions of a certain topic are not answered yet.
   It will be Ok if you speak a bit of German or get somebody who does to get started.
   You will get a link to a comprehensive tutorial with the receipt of payment confirmation.
- Availible languages are : English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Turkish.